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..hello. you've found my shop of strange and wonderful things...

..it's a me, julia!..

25 July
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...my name is Julia...


♥ [I am:] ♥


*Originally born and raised in California.

*in New York nowadays and it's lovely. ♥

*still a California Girl and always will be one.

*and was at one point a nomad, having moved 12 times in my life.

*the experiences made me grow up.

*a traveler and love to visit new places and meet new people.

*for now though, thinking it's very nice on the East Coast! :]

*in love with David Greer

*free spirited

*fond of anything vintage

*a movie buff. film makes me happy.

*a music junkie love all kinds.

*studying to work in music radio. goal: producer or on-air talent.

*a video game nerd

*infatuated with the beatles.we all live in a yellow submarine!


*understanding and caring

*very open minded

*a positive happy go lucky person

*thankful for my family and friends.

*always there for them as best as i can be.

*a big sister to two wonderful siblings.

*still growing as a person everyday..

*an indie kid..

*always wearing a hat or scarf. they are my favorite.

*fascinated by nature especially birds.

*my favorite being owls.hoot!

*i want a chinchilla named Gizmo :p

*and a Llama named Linda

*happy for once life is great.


? Writing
? Music
? Films
? Being with Friends & Family
? dancing
? Photography
? Being the crazy kid i am. :D
? The outdoors
?the beach
? theme parks
? Traveling
? Video Games..duh! see below for some games i like...
? anything about the supernatural and aliens.
? going to shows

Princess Rosalina<3

Video & Arcade Games:

?Resident Evil Series
?Sonic The Hedgehog Series
?The Legend of Zelda Series
? Super Mario Series
? Super Mario Galaxy
? Super Mario 3 (Favorite)
? Super Smash Brothers & Melee
?Guitar Hero
? Marvel vs Capcom
?The Simpsons
? Tekken
? House of The Dead
? Jurassic Park
? Time Crisis
? Dance Dance Revoltion (even though i suck)
?Tomb Raider
?Mario Party
?Silent Hill Series
?Metal Gear Soild
? Final Fantasy
? Kingdom Hearts
?Namco Game Collection
? Donkey Kong Series
? Super Mario Kart 64
? Banjo & Kazooie
just to name some...there's tons more. i grew up a gamer.

triforcelink<3 HEY! LISTEN!


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